Together we awaken to our truth and connect with our inner divinity

Welcome  to  the  Movement


Discover your purpose

Find balance & peace

Raise your consiousness

Awaken to your highest self


At YogiMovement we support you on your life path and guide you to the highest, most authentic expression of yourself. We work together to expand your vision of what is possible towards a path of continuous transformation whereby shaping your life story into a beautiful journey of healing, courage and love.


Through a variety of mediums we gradually awaken to the truth within

and rise to higher levels of consciousness.


We welcome you to the Movement, where millions of people are waking up to new possibilities. 

Infinite Love and Blessings from

Varun & Benedicte


What we offer

Yoga & Meditation

Bring harmony and balance to your everyday being with our Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Meditation classes. Once there is alignment between body, mind and soul, a whole new world opens up

Energy Healing

Tap into the universal life force, often referred to as 'Prana'. Listen to your heart. Ground, and stabilize your energies, while you adapting to updated frequencies and ways of being

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As Coaches and Spiritual Guides we help you integrate your body, emotions, mind and spirit enabling access to your full potential and become powerful creators of the lives you deserve 

Workshops & Retreats

Curated workshops and retreats for groups, families and businesses. We offer a wide range    of experiences tailor made for you based on your needs, objectives and outcomes 

Speaking Engagements

Inspiring and educating our fellow citizens is of utmost importance. Reach out to explore how we can participate in your event