About Benedicte

Benedicte is a ERYT 500 hr Yoga Teacher, 85 hr Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Holistic Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. Before her love for yoga also turned into her profession she worked in the fields of Business Psychology and Social Work – ranging from children, young people, to social project management, and human resources.


Benedicte teaches different styles of yoga such as Yin and Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Hatha Vinyasa based on the Zuna Yoga® approach. At the center of this approach lies a unique system of Breathing that stimulates the vital energies of the body, providing strength, conditioning and balance to the mind and the body's systems.


Her classes incorporates asana, pranayama, meditation, mantras, bandhas and mudras. The practice is directed toward awakening us to the what we refer to as the true "promise of yoga": to live free and empowered, to experience the bountiful treasures of life, and the realization of purpose and success.


Benedicte will with love and compassion hold the space for you and support you on your path to awaken your souls purpose, for you to find ease, self-acceptance and inner balance, let go of limitations, full fill dreams and experience your own magic! 

Sat. Chit. Ananda.

Truth. Consciousness. Bliss

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About Varun

Varun Simba Kapur is a Reiki Healer and a Spiritual / Transformational Coach, who is committed to the wellbeing of our fellow humanity and our beloved Mother Earth. A lover of life and natures gifts, he has developed an intricate connection with Pachamama (Planet Earth). He has always questioned the status quo and has traveled to over 50 countries interacting with travelers, mystics and gurus asking difficult questions and indulging in practices that have taken him to the depths of his being and beyond.


Varun has also worked in Consulting / Venture Capital / Investment Banking and has a good understanding of the challenges of society. His mission is to bring healing, awareness and empowerment to all, and assist you to truly make the impact you wish to make. 

Varun will help you connect with yourself and with our planetary intelligence & energies. His interactive and mindful sessions are designed to remind you to align with your truth and live a life free of judgement, fear and greed. Varun invites you to embrace your true calling and be the love that you are.  

Aum Namah Shivaya

Universal Consciousness is One

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"Benedicte is a wonderful yoga teacher. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced yoga student, she guides you through the class with instructions that are easy to understand, she gives great feedback and I feel I always learn something new, both about myself and about yoga. Her style of teaching motivates me and I really like the way she structures the classes. I always leave the class feeling great! Thank you B!"

"I never tried yoga before my private class with Benedicte . Coming into the class I was very unsure if yoga was for me, however I knew I needed to become more flexible, and improve my posture so I was thinking why not give it a try. In this first class she changed my view on yoga. She said something in the lines of : 'Anybody can do yoga. You do yoga where you are, you are on your own journey. Start with who you are and where you are, it's just movement, it's breathing and everybody can do it.' 

I tend to be competitive and compare myself to others, what she said and how she said it, made me drop a lot of non-acceptance towards myself. I am very grateful and the first yoga session with her was definitely not the last."

“Ever since our meditation, everything just started falling into place again and im so freakin' happy and everything is just working. I found myself again. Thank you Simba, Thank you!"

"I genuinely enjoy so much the sessions I have with Benedicte. Her aura and method of teaching, tranquility and serenity is captivating. I always look forward to next time, and progressing through her classes."

“Your workshop was so enlightening and informative. Thank you Varun for clarifying our roles in our present stage of evolution. I am so much more at ease"

"I have attended both one to one classes and group classes taught by Benedicte. I find her to be a very calming influence and I like her approach to teaching yoga. Her instructions are very clear and she spends just the right amount of time adjusting or correcting each person's postures. She reminds and focuses on the breath in particular which is I feel is so important and often forgotten about in fast paced yoga classes.  I always feel relaxed after her classes and look forward to the next one."

"Benedicte started out as a yoga teacher and became a very good friend along the way because of her beautiful character and warmth. Her classes are personal and she truly cares about helping you achieve whatever goals you seek through your practice. Whether an energizing morning practice or an unwinding Yin session in the evening, I leave her classes a healthier and happier person."