There is something extraordinary happening in the world

There is something extraordinary happening in the World.

1 — No one can stand the employment model anymore.

People want to escape. They want to leave everything behind. Look at how many people are trying to become entrepreneurs, how many people are going on sabbaticals, how many people are depressed in their jobs, how many people in burnout.

2 — The entrepreneurship model is also changing.

A few years ago a lot of entrepreneurs were looking for the next billion dollar business, today the majority is looking for meaningfulness and purpose in what they do.

3 — The rise of collaboration.

All the movements of sharing and collaborative economy are pointing towards this direction. The rise of collaboration, sharing, helping, giving hands, getting united.

4 — The fall of exaggerated consumption.

For many years, we have been manipulated, stimulated to consume as maniacs. To buy everything that was launched in the market. To have the newest car, the latest iphone, the best brands, lots of clothes, lots of shoes, lots of lots, lots of everything. Today less and less people are using their own cars, less people buying a lot, more people trading clothes, donating, buying old things, sharing goods, sharing cars, apartments, offices. We need nothing of what they told us we needed.

5 — We are finally starting to understand the power of internet.

Internet is taking down mass control. There is no more television, no more few newspapers showing the news they want us to read. You can go after whatever you want, you relate to whoever you want. You can explore whatever you want, whenever you want. With internet, the smaller have a voice. The anonymous become known. The world gets united. And the system may fall.

6 — Healthy and organic eating.

The production of food is the basis of our society. Food industry is one of the most important in the world. If consciousness changes, our eating habits also change, and consumption changes, and then big corporations will have to follow these changes. The small farmer is gaining strength again. People are planting their own food again. And that changes the whole economy.

7 — The awakening of spirituality.

How many friends do you have that practice yoga? What about meditation? How many used to do it 10 years ago? You want to understand how things really work, how life operates, what happens after death, what is this energy thing that people talk so much, what is quantum physics, how can thoughts become things and create our reality, what are coincidences and synchronicities, why meditation works and these alternative therapies that medicine does not approve. Companies are promoting meditation to their employees. Schools teaching meditation to kids.

8 — Unschooling movements.

Who created this teaching model? Who chose the classes you have to take? Who chose the lessons we learn in history classes? Why didn’t they teach us the truth about other ancient civilizations? Why should the kids obey rules? Why should they watch everything in silence? Why should they wear uniforms? Take a test to prove what they learned? We created a model that forms followers of the system. That prepares people to be ordinary human beings. But fortunately there are many people working to change it. Movements like unschooling, hackschooling, homeschooling.

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