Our Nature

Who are we? What are we?

“The Modern materialistic world view considers nature to be there merely to serve human needs,” elucidates Satish, “the value of nature is judged only by how useful it may be to humans. But there is another world view, a holistic and ecological view which considers nature as a living and sacred reality. Humankind is an integral part of nature, what we do to nature, we do to ourselves. When nature is considered as a living and sacred reality we develop a profound sense of reverence for her. This is called Reverential Ecology, this view of life is embedded in the philosophy of Sacred Nature.

“In this time of global transformation, many of us who are living in relative safety may feel that we are powerless to respond to the prevailing chaos and shocking news that assails us from the media,” Chloe says. “It is therefore essential for us to remember that we are participating in a birthing process of a newly evolving world. As we prepare for a greater shift in humanity’s collective destiny we must courageously stay awake to the responsibility that is our shared song.”

“Love is the answer,” says Tim. “For millennia saints and sages, poets and pop stars have been telling us that harnessing the transformative power of love is the secret to creating the world we want to live in. Is this just well-meaning naiveté or could it actually be true? Love can be seen as simply fluffy and sweet, but it is also deep and strong. Love is not only a wonderful feeling of connection; it is a powerful force for social transformation. History has taught us that political change alone simply leads to the same problems with people waving a different coloured flag. What is needed is an evolution of our collective state of consciousness, so that we feel connected and act from love. This is the only practical way forward and it starts with you and me … right now.”

“Seriously, laughter is more serious than seriousness,” says Joe. “For centuries we have been imprisoned by the seriousness trap which promotes seriousness as more valuable than lightness. Intuitively we know this isn’t true. Science now agrees. If we want a better future NOW, it’s time for lightness to be recognised and properly valued.”

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