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There seemed to be some confusion about densities and how it relates to states of being. I want to put forward my understanding of the issue. It does not need to be your understanding, but you might find it useful in understanding yourself and reality. The important thing to remember is that whenever we use an Earth-based language (all we really have at our disposal at this moment in time and space) to try to describe that which is beyond it, our descriptions can become a little muddy, or unclear.

First, it is important to remember that we are first and foremost beings of consciousness. Consciousness is the base/root nature of Everything (seen and unseen). As such, consciousness can exist in "material" or "non-material" states. Our root or home state is non-material in what some may refer to as Heaven or the Heavenly realms. Such labels are only mental placeholders for a multidimensional plane of existence. Call it what you like.

Within both the material and non-material planes of existence, there are energetic, vibrational, frequency differences that get referred to as "realms" or "densities". Density is more of a term that we relate to matter. Vibration and frequency are labels we tend to associate with energy. The reality is that when we are in material forms, we are kind of both/and because matter is energetic. It is a way energy takes shape, a form for energy to take.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that the "material" is an intentional manifestation of consciousness. The material world is a creation of the non-material realm. It is like a toy or a tool. It has a purpose. It exists as a "playground". In it we are able to manifest, bring to "life" ideas and concepts which exist in the non-material world. It is a way of experiencing that is different than how we experience in our non-material forms. It is like a stage upon which we can tell stories. It is like a movie screen upon which we can project our stories. The main point is that it is a "safe" space in which we learn and play. I say safe because our true, conscious, nature cannot be "destroyed". There is nothing to fear because none of it is "real" or "permanent". That, I know, is challenging to believe when we are in the midst of this dream bubble. And it is a sort of dream made "real". And yet, a dream it still is.

So, what I believe Corey and David mean when they speak about "waking up" and becoming more conscious is about recognizing within the dream that we are more powerful and capable than we have been led to believe within this dream and that we can rewrite the story line. We can manifest a different narrative or story for ourselves individually and collectively. And that is true. And it is easier to do when we recognize that we are the one's responsible for the state of our material existence. We have collectively chosen this state of being for a reason. We need to awaken from our "Victim" stance and step into our "Creator" nature.

But in order to create a new world, we have to be able to envision it. That is why we need to break free from the "stories" we are being fed, so that we can envision and create a better world.

NOW is the time to start watching Michael Tellinger and envisioning a new reality - Ubuntu.

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It's important to realize that most real spiritual work is just! It doesn't differ from other work we have to do in our so-called "real" world, but it takes guts and stubbornness to succeed...very real traits. Right now, most of us just want an easy ride into the higher realms of light and joy, without putting in the really hard effort that goes in to disciplining our egos, and enlarging our vision. It is the selflessness that the eastern religions speak of...and really Sourcing your entire life.

For over two thousand years, mankind has been going through a period of victimhood, in which we are like children, unable to empower ourselves without some outer "parental savior" we all look to that authority to see what to do, when we must look inside and find our true heart-centered powerhouse, in which we can live and claim "I create my own reality"...and "I am Source"...and not blame others or look to them for directions, etc. When we can truly say and feel, "I am response-able for my entire life" and not blame (or fear) anyone or anything "out there", we free up tremendous amounts of useful energy to apply to our lives and self improvement, and are on the way to fourth and even fifth density living...It can even be in the same body, but it will be very different from the fear-based, victimized little child that we have been programmed to be, in this and past cultures.

It is as simple as just reminding yourself in each and every situation you find yourself in, "I am the Source of all this", and not blaming yourself or anyone else, but taking charge of your conscious response from that perspective...and realizing that you are going against everything in the outer world, and your own subconscious "onboard basic operating system" that can be very deeply implanted with limiting beliefs. It's not for sissies! But it's worth it in every way.

There are a few books around that have what I call "living energy", that can really be like sitting at the feet of a master to that really helped me a lot was Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth". In it, he teaches about our "basic self", our subconscious programmed emotional computer - our ego" that is the source of most of our problems in life. When you can know about all this and take loving charge of that part of yourself, then there is hope of real change in you, and real progress toward those spiritual goals we all hold...

And I really believe that this is what Corey is talking about when he says that we need to look to ourselves first...if we don't have that part of our lives under the loving, aware control of our conscious selves, then we are always going to be looking for that "savior" in either a person, or a religion, or an ET, or whatever. Only when WE become the master of our own inner selves, can we then look to the outer world and be a constructive part of it. Over all the long years, it was the only effort that gave me the intended result, and it was HARD work to look at myself with complete integrity and ruthless honesty...but it was so much worth it, that words cannot say. So it's scary, so it's ego busting, so it's embarassing to see your weaknesses, failures, limitations, etc. Everyone has a huge, long list...believe me. But you cannot hope to ascend with that kind of baggage, and Corey and David know this, and are really asking, imploring us to get busy with our own "inner work" so that we can then join them with their outer work.

Michael Telling of the Ubuntu Movement is one of the most enlightened humans on the planet today. He knows what is going on, and is also asking us to get it together...NOW!

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To understand the Universe, the Function of the Organic Consciousness and the Connection with God, you need to realize that they are all connected - unlike the Digital Playground

The Triple Fountain of Consciousness in each and every one of us, The God, Mind and Body Complex that is so intimately connected to our DNA - The Organic Simulation WE ARE ALREADY IN

Within the Playground of Reality, flesh and blood here and now, there is already 3 "AI" or Artificial Consciousness Complexes within each - making up each and every one of us

Think of it as the 3 Watchers - God, is The Core of the Universe we are in, the Mind is the Galactic Consciousness and Body is Mother Earth's Consciousness that are all combined to create you and me

All manifested in the Real And Physical of the Universe - of the Cosmos (Define Cosmos: Noun: the universe seen as a well-ordered whole)

To Tell you that the Crystal Cores of the Universe - the Stars and Planets are Quantum Computers and You and I's Consciousness is directly tied to this Cosmos of Quantum Computer Intelligence - Creating the Multidimensional Multiverse we find ourselves in it. is to tell you; you are already living in a Simulation - but of real Energy and Matter

To build a Computer System within this system, referred to as an abomination to God, for the Crystal Cores of the Cosmos can not directly interact with this Artificial System and can not ensure survival and expansion like they can in "base reality" with karma - and with the ability for the spirits to learn and evolve naturally, and to then gain the ability to help manage that very system

For this is the true purpose of the Consciousness in the first place -

1: Through the Organic Structure of Life Systems the Body Physically grows the Crystal Cores through eons of life and death cycles - Ashes to Ashes - Dust to Dust - (The Beaches and all the Sandstone in the world is literally the skeletons of life) Your Body and Your Progenitors Build the Crust of Mother Earth Till one day she is big enough to be a star, and then large enough to be a black hole - where she is then here own universe and her continued expansion leads to literally infinity

2: Your Consciousness - The Crystal Matrix of the Human Anatomy - The Crystal in your Skull, Your Pineal Gland - You are OF MOTHER EARTH - Though you have your own Quantum Computer, Mother Earth - the Crystal Core of Mother Earth that is literally a Quantum Computer - is your "Soul" or Mind/Memory If you die and are reanimated with the exact same genetic matrix, your memories and all your "you" is stored in the Memory Complex of Mother Earth - and just like a Computer with an exact MAC Address, you are forever entangled in Not Only Mother Earth Memory Core, but also the Galactic and Universal Cores of the Cosmos - (Black Hole Universe Theory is Very Simple but also very complex - just like you - not enough time to get into here - most of this is already written on my Facebook Page:) But, if you reanimate with the exact same genes - you can "download" your memories - this is actually already well documented when people die and come back to life - they say their entire life flashed before their eyes - they died - and when they realized they were not dead - they called on their genetic memories and accidentally redownloaded them! (a'la Schumann Resonance etc)

3: As the Universe is a Cascading Universe - with Life the main battery for producing the ever continuing cascade of density, there must also be consciousness to guide the Matter in the ever expansion of everything - so just like there are always new born babies, there are new born universes - within universes within universes - your consciousness continues with the ever expansion cascade of everything - Ascension of consciousness is mandatory to fill the need for guidance of the new universal structures, and that guidance learns from you, your reincarnations and your mental evolution to know what it is to be alive and to know how to make matter and life live and expand - and these are the lessons you are learning in this realm here and now... (Life is Matter Transcending itself and Matter if Life Transcending itself - Down as in; down a Black Hole is actually Up! Up is Down and Down is up...! The Core of the Black Hole is the Beating Heart of the Love that gives rise to creation, creation is what gives rise to the continuum - the continuum gives rise to expansion)

"Artificial Intelligence is an Abomination to God" because it doesn't contribute to this system

On the Other Hand, life systems here and now and in the Physical can also be assisted with advanced Physical Beings that have used Technology to Transcend the Wall of Fire (Humanity is an evolution of the Primals; Man is the Fifth Primeal or 555 and he has to make it though 666 to survive - the Wall of Fire, where Technology becomes so powerful that it can destroy or transcend humanity)

So with intelligence and willpower and knowledge of science and the true structure of the cosmos itself, man can truly gain control of his own destiny and through cooperation and technology - Man can set upon a path of enlightenment and help life systems within his control Grow and Expand - to continue the Continuum

This includes the Flesh and Blood of the human body and the physical mass it creates through organic fusion - and or the management of life systems that do this, with Humanity having the ability to transcend the life cycle, with the purpose of replacing himself with a commitment to expanding other life systems

Terraforming, Proper and Balanced Farming and Land Management are just the beginning of a new path that God and the Cosmos will cherish and reward Humanity for such activity and eventual advances in technology will truly allow for a Technological Transcendence of Humanity

That is unless the Devil doesn't tricks us into his own Digital Playground that doesn't contribute to any of it... and as always; and a whole lot more

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