I AM here to SERVE YOU:

I AM here to SERVE YOU:

to incite Insight, to invite introspection, to ignite RE-AWAKENING

to be a SAFE container for healing and health

to LISTEN to stimulate the SACRED in YOU & ME to REVERE the EARTH and return us to HER to CELEBRATE LIFE! to Cultivate CONSCIOUSNESS to INTERCONNECT to ACTIVATE & Remember WHOLENESS to DISPEL all that is NOT Love to UPLIFT and ALIGN with the HIGHEST to Create BALANCE to LEARN to discern between WILL and SURRENDER to COLLABORATE and Co-Create MAGIC

I AM here to SERVE....

Tell me,

How HAVE I served you?

How CAN I Serve you NOW?? ...

(Friendship, Counseling, Coaching, Spiritual Inquiry, Personal Growth, Emotional intelligence, Healing, Health & Fitness, Play, Nature Connection, Plant-Teachers, Retreats, Meditation, Yoga, Surfing, Adventure & Travel, Indigenous Wisdom, Service/ Seva, Inspiring Youth, Community Building, NVC, Compassionate Communication, Right Relationship, Self Expression, Creativity, Resonant Embodiment, Tantra, MEN's Work, Ecstatic Movement, Living in FLOW, Letting Go, BEing FREE, Loving, Truly Living, WHY we are here)


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