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"The rule of the great fear has passed. The work now is to heal, forgive and move into a new state of grace and joy. The time of spiritual renaissance is at hand. You have a great buffet of traditions and spiritual teachings available. The collective soul hungers for these gifts. Do not struggle in an attempt to find the exclusive truth, for truth is evident in all of these precious gifts and teachings. Each is like a color band in a beautiful rainbow. You are to stand in your own truth next to your brothers and sisters in unconditional love, forming the rainbow family..."

What is Prayer?

Watch Part 1 - 4. Click here

David Wilcock - Ascension

Why IS the corona well away from the surface of the sun exponentially hotter than the surface which is cooler and why does energy accelerate as it moves away from the Sun?

Laws of the Sun:

'The Yogis of Tibet':

It goes through the history of Tibetan Buddhism and there are rare interviews with some of the top-most monks, very well learned in the tradition of Dzogchen. Some techniques in yoga and meditation are shared with the film crew directly. Previously they were kept secret and only revealed to students, but because of their fading traditions, they decided to speak more freely about their practices.

180 Degrees South:

The Search for Freedom: ;

Economic Collapse



New Financial System:

We as a mass of one can affect great change by raising our individual consciousnesses. That is how we are destined to build a force that will assist our Greater Alliances.

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