Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Coaching on nutrition, spiritual awakening, sustainability and the future of humanity.  


We live in unprecedented times as our collective humanity evolves into our higherselves. Let's bring forth YOUR UNIQUE ROLE in the co-creation of a better world.

Join me on my workshops on topics ranging from: Spiritual Ecology, Sustainability, Sacred Activism, Spiritual Healing & Awakening, Connecting to Earth Intelligence, Permaculture & our Future.


Workshops are designed based on the audience and desired outcomes. As a passionate student of life, it is an honour to:


  • Educate my fellow citizens on the Truth

  • Work diligently to connect with our divine self through spiritual practice

  • Serve in ways that are highly intelligent

Essential themes


• How you can help save and steward our beloved planet
• The essential function of collaboration with others to reverse the current tide

• A vision for the future that we all want to live in
• Tools and insights to create a new paradigm shift for our cities and towns
• Reasons & Advantages to produce your own food and medicine
• Actions that can reverse climate change & restore balance to Mother Earth
• Cutting-edge Insights and observations documented by leading scientists
• The profound implications of our current economic and political systems of exploitation of Mother Earth

• How capitalism has shaped our use of our planet’s resources and what we need to change


As we own our highest consciousness, we understand the importance of why we inhabit this planet, which helps to return us to a more natural relationship of healing with the earth.

When you combine and fuse together profound spirituality, mystical peace, passion, truth and wisdom with wise, urgent & focused non-violent radical action an amazing new HOLY FORCE is born.